Science Red Carpet Show

2017 Shanghai SciFest will continue to invite scientists,  researchers and the “big names” in science and technology onto the red carpet.  In this scientific carnival, we offer you a face-to-face contact with them.

SciFest International Salon

With “Science Festival and Urban Development” as its theme, we invited Marco Pallavicini, president of Genoa Science Festival and Annette Klinkert. executive director of EUSEA to discuss cooperation and future of science festival.

Science Expositor Competition

During 2017 Shanghai SciFest, competition winners will provide you with a spectacular talent show!

Science Night

One of the classic events of 2017 Shanghai SciFest. More shows will be added to Science Night and we’ll bring you Shanghai’s biggest scientific carnival involving both children and parents.

Innovation Release Conference

A release conference presenting the coolest innovation products that will inspire your passion for creativity and for life.